Blog Website

The objective of this project was to self-code a blog with four blog posts. To achieve this goal, a splash page was made for a simpler and more interesting navigation of the website, and each post was organized into its own box. For the actual blog page, columns were made for the menu and index, while the contents were placed in the middle. The blue, raindrop theme was added as a personal touch to the blog.

Check it out live here! Blog Preview

Design Matters

The purpose of this project was to research a design tool and create a website to display its past, present, and future. To do so, research on the design tool, in this case the sewing machines, was made. Then, the website was self-coded, with pages made for each section. In addition, texts and images organized to have viewers read the content with ease. As a small detail, a dotted line was added below the menu to symbolize stitches from sewing. Each tab presents information about its corresponding topics, and is meant to educate the viewers about the importance of the item in people's lives.

Check it out live here! Design Matters Website Preview