Annie Hu Curious, always hungry (for food and inspiration).

2014 Works

  • Drink Radio Glass Design
  • Boba Delight Logo
Drink Radio Glass Design
Drink Radio, Pint Glass Logo Design

        For my DES001 course, we had to create a logo for the "Drink Radio" contest held by Capitol Public Radio. Our objective was to draw a design that follows the theme of "sustain", "harvest", or "zest". After brainstorming a few sketches, I went with the theme "harvest" and created a logo that showed freshly harvested vegetables. I added a sun in the background to give a warmer appearance despite the constraint of having to use black. Barley surrounds the logo to give a small hint of beer. Although my design was not selected as the winner, the process of creating the logo was a great reward.

Boba Delight Logo